Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Some Traveling Music Please

Here is another song using the Dropped D Tuning that we looked at last time:  Traveling On (Part 1 of the Traveling Trilogy).  This is just the lone guitar and vocal in separate channels so that the guitar work is easier to hear.  I used my electric guitar for this recording, but it works fine on acoustic guitar as well.

Here are the lyrics and basic chords (the chords I use in Dropped D tuning are listed after the lyrics):

Here is the first set of chords.  The open circle in the D chord indicates that this note (played with the index finger) rhythmically alternates with the open A.  In this song I often slide up to the D from a D formation on the first fret.  When moving from the D into the bridge sections, I walk up and down the 5th string bass notes:  A B C A.  For the F chord, the P5 and P4 represent when a pinky note is added to the chord as per the lyric and chord sheet:

Here is the next set of  chords.  The chords with the (h) indicate they are played high up the fretboard and are used at the end of lines as shown on the lyric sheet.  There is a slide from the C(h) to D(h) and again from the D(h) to Am(h).  The barr in the Bm is only across five strings and the 6th string (D in Dropped D Tuning) is played open.

Here are the final two chords.  The E/E7 indicates that you move smoothly from E to E7.  The /G indicates that you slide the E up three frets where it becomes a G.

When I released this song in  the Traveling Trilogy, I decided to add some bass (done with my Yamaha keyboard) and slide guitar (since there was already a lot of sliding going on):

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